roadHow many miles would you walk,
how many miles would you run,
how many hours would you fly,
how many times would you die,
rise again new and try
ask yourself how and why,
to stop to crawl and start to fly.

How many tears would you shed,
how many nights alone in your bed,
how many thoughts in your head,
and wishes unsaid and unfed.

One brave soul,
can bear it all,
and pay the toll,
to reach that goal.

Never mind the miles,
never count your tears,
count your smiles,
and destroy the fears.

Distance may be great,
journey may be long,
though will make you strong,
and lead where you belong.

Only one brave heart,
family as its part,
makes miles vanish,
and though often far,
often longed and missed,
always by your side,
in truth never apart.

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