Who is that girl
Yesterday, she was here
Yesterday, she sat here
dreamy and alone
Drank her coffee
In silence .
So beautiful was she
She waited on someone,
Or she was alone
Yes , she came alone
She came to be outside
Not to be lonesome,
Surely she just wanted
she wanted a talk
But silent she remained
She drank the cup of coffee
and quickly went away.
Who is this girl
Yesterday I saw her
Though didn‘t say anything
I was only looking
gazing from afar,
I know nothing about her
I have not asked
for the answer I feared.

Who is this girl
Yesterday I saw her
Sitting in the park
Read the newspaper
looking at the birds
waiting for the sunset
Alone as she was
So beautiful was she
in the evening sun
But went away so fast
Let the newspaper behind
And I stayed behind
looking at her leaving

Who is that girl
We ride very often
In same part of this town
She sits by the window
With eyes on the streets.
Spare seat by her side,
I wanted to talk
But didn’t say a word
For she looked away
our eyes never met.

She loves the dawn,
and steamy hot coffee
unfamiliar streets
always being dreamy
and lost in her thoughts
even when among people
with a distant look.
You will often see her,
When the sun shines bright
when the sky is clear
She is always there
But with absent mind
and an absent spirit
She’s looking for someone
waiting for the one
But doesn‘t know whom
and doesn‘t know where
She hates the night
darkness even more
doesn‘t like the silence
for embracing no one
and hearing nothing
but the sound of her sob.

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