After all these years,
after hours and hours,
looking at you face,
when I close my eyes,
I fail to see you,
I simply cant,
even though l know,
every litlle piece,
That makes you as u are,
every single piece
that l’ve kissed so much,
that l loved so much,
that l loved to touch.
I guess thats a proof,
that the love is still alive.
After many years,
as memories come along,
along with your face,
along with remorse,
along with the feeling,
the felling of sometnihg,
something lost,
something past,
something missing.
The years will come,
when all l have,
will be memories,
when l can only see you,
when l close my eyes,
I’ll have to imagine,
imagine a feeling,
feeling of your touch,
feeling of your love,
cause you always imagine,
something that is gone.

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