Place beyond the sun


When air is not enough,
to catch a deep breath ,
when the sky begins to press,
to fall on your chest ,
and all turns quiet,
and you together with nature
become deaf from silence,
You’ll be terrified and frightened .
Do not panic.
You will want to smell the scent,
To hear her voice ,
To feel that she’s near ,
But it’s all in vain .
You won’t even hear yourself ,
Because you’re speechless .
You’ll search for place and time ,
But without success .
The memories will all vanish,
not there to console you,
and all will be black.
Everything will be empty and numb,
deaf and quiet.
You’ll be quiet.
Time will pass.
And then, suddenly ,
Like the rain from the sky ,
It’s gonna fall to your mind ,
Pouring rain of words ,
words, places, moments, smiles ,
Through this rain ,
through the tunderstorm ,
Familiar smells,
beautiful memories,
People , laughs and love,
All this will stand,
For a moment before you ,
So real,
Tangible , You will go to her ,
Reach out your hand ,
and close your eyes ,
You’ll dance with it all
Vortex of eternal moments .
You’ll be happy.
And when the rains stop,
When it all vanishes ,
When smells are gone,
people and the music too ,
And silence returns,
The void returns,
You’ll open your eyes
Pause for a moment ,
Look at the dusk
and then understand –
Out there, behind the hill ,
Close to the sun , all the memories
And the people from your life
the ones that left,
all went there,
There to live forever ,
Waiting for the rain and sky,
to bring them back again,
bring them back to you ,
to give you a sign,
they watch upon you,
and to give you strength,
and the patience until,
the rain and the wind,
take you away too.

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