The Kiss (Rodin sculpture)

You closed it, locked it. Put it away, away from everyone, so far away, that everyone is asking themselves, if you ever had one. Since then, life is simple. You don’t analyze, you don’t bother and you just do. It can’t be hurt, if you hid it. Suddenly, you feel empowered – the power of judgment, the clear perception, the focus. You don’t lose time, days, or thoughts. It’s not just you. It’s now a number, a movement, so to say. It’s an almost perfectly thought out maneuver. Well, almost. But its flaws make it eventually fail- every single time. Because deep down, we all pray and hope our walls to be broken, instead of our heart. You see, your heart is a part of you, which makes it very hard to hide. Even when locked, camouflaged and wrapped into disappointment and fear, everybody knows it’s there – inside you. Heart needs love to function. It’s what keeps it ticking, alive, and blooming. It can produce love, and also seeks it. When locked and closed, it can do neither. It can never die from it, but it starts to hurt; and when a part of you hurts, you feel it through your whole self. You decide to ignore the pain. Then you ignore it so long, until you convince yourself that it isn’t there anymore. You almost don’t feel it, you are numb. And there we are, overprotective, cautious, hardened, wise. Once we were foolish, open and optimistic, once we were in love. Once you fall out of love, like with every rehab, symptoms occur. But also like with every drug, you never really get cured, and the only thing that keeps you going is fear of its negative effects. You are safe, won’t get hurt now, won’t get broken…Yet still would you kill for one more hit, even if this time, it could be deadly. If everyone would realize, how much time is lost on rehab, how much time you never get back, and how many times you missed to say, do and show the things you felt, because everyone assumes and guesses, but nobody tries, life would be richer, and moments better spent, sunsets more memorable, dancing more fun. People are less afraid of death then they are afraid of love. It’s not a jump in the ocean, or from a plane, or from a cliff. It’s just a call, it’s just a word, it’s just a touch, it’s just a look. It’s a moment that can produce many beautiful moments. So do it, now, before it’s too late, before you don’t have any more moments left, to make them beautiful.

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