If there is something you have to live with for the rest of your life, it is your thoughts. You cannot escape them, you cannot ignore them, and you cannot shut them down. You can be on the top of the world, you can be loved by every single person in this world, you can have all there is to have, yet if your thoughts are grim, none of that will ever matter. So you see, the outside world barely matters when it comes to your happiness. It is what you wake up to, it is the inside of you that determines if you are happy or not, every day, for the rest of your life. The sooner you stop expecting for something outside of you to happen to change the way you feel inside, the sooner you will stop being disappointed repeatedly. If you go to an event where everything is showing potential to make you feel happy, there are happy people, wonderful music, good food and drinks, beautiful venue yet inside of you there is a storm of pessimistic thoughts you will leave the party unhappy. The same goes with your life. Because you, and your thoughts make a world on your own. The world that you live in and the world you create are two different kinds. The first one, is everything that is outside of your mind, everything that surrounds you and happens to you. The second one understands only you and your thoughts. The paradox lies in the reality that your world always impacts your whole life, where the outside world only impacts the physical you, but never gets further.  This law goes for the positive things that happen to you, as well as the negative ones. It all comes down to your thoughts and feelings about it. The great Eckhart Tolle said it is never the situation that makes you sad, it is your interpretation of it. Your reaction, your thoughts are what makes your life the way it is. Many people spend their whole lives in one place, doing things seemingly unfulfilling and tedious to you, but their thoughts do not argue with the reality, and they are happy. Have you ever been jealous of their serenity, of the way they can be one with life, and you can’t? The hardest thing you’ll ever do is learn and continue how to recognize the negative thoughts and destroy them. They multiple in a second and they persist for a very long time, because it has been proven that a negative thought is easier to have than create a positive one. It is hard work, and while for some people it seems so easy to be positive and for you it is not, take comfort in knowing that it was never easy for anyone, just a much better way of spending the rest of your days. Your thoughts are your life, they determine your future, and they determine every second you spend on this earth. It is a terrifying fact, but here’s another one – you create your thoughts and you are the master of your mind. Nothing that happens to you can ever determine your life for you. Fight the grim thoughts with all you have, fight them like your life is depending on it, because it is.

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